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01.Disposable Breathalyzer
02.AlcoMate Premium Sensor
03.Mouthpieces (100-Pack)
04.SafeWay: Forensic-Grade Disposable Breathalyzer
05.AlcoMate Premium AL7000
06.AlcoMate Prestige AL6000
07.Mouthpieces (500-Pack)
08.AlcAlert BT5500
09.AlcoMate Prestige AL6000 Sensor
10.Keychain Breathalyzer
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New Products For July
Keychain Breathalyzer
A reusable keychain holder for the BreathScan ® alcohol detector that indicates if the user has exceeded a recommended level for blood alcohol content (BAC).
SafeWay: Forensic-Grade Disposable Breathalyzer
SafeWay is a disposable alcohol breath tester specifically designed for sales to civil and military law enforcement and for forensic applications.
AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 Fuel Cell Breathalyzer
The AlcoMate AccuCell is a state-of-the-art DOT Approved professional grade breathalyzer that features an advanced fuel cell alcohol sensor for maximum precision, easy one-touch operation and optional USB connectivity for saving results to a PC.
AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel-Cell
The AlcoScan AL3500 Fuel Cell Coin-Operated Breathalyzer is the 2nd generation advancement to the AlcoScan AL3500 Breathalyzer. Able to perform several thousand tests before needing a recalibration, the AL3500FC is a great addition to any bar or restaurant.
AlcoMate Core
The AlcoMate Core is an affordable alternative to consumers that want a reliable, accurate breath testing device but would prefer the benefit of lower pricing over the advantages of pre-calibrated sensor modules.
Coin Operated Vending Breathalyzer machine for Bars
The AlcoScan AL3500 coin-operated vending breathalyzer machine is perfect for bars, night clubs or any other establishment where alcoholic beverages are served. It offers customers an opportunity to k…
AlcoMate Premium AL7000
The AlcoMate AL7000 Premium breathalyzer is the newest of all breathalyzers that offers a field replaceable and pre-calibrated sensor module.
AlcoMate Prestige AL6000
AlcoMate Prestige breathalyzer comes with an innovative &patented technology that allows you to re-calibrate your device without the need for sending to factory. Save time & money!
Disposable Breathalyzer
BreathScan is a disposable breath alcohol tester. Low cost and ease of use make the BreathScan is a quick, accurate and most sanitary tester without a false positive.